Commercial Lighting in Tampa, Florida

Lighting is everything—it transforms any space or venue into a visual paradise.

Site lighting plays a major role in how your customers and tenants perceive your property. Well-designed commercial lighting in Tampa improves efficiency and safety. To ensure everything is in tip-top shape, regular check-up is important. But with busy schedules, countless paperwork, and the notion of "too much time, too much effort," maintenance sometimes ends up on the bottom of your list.

With AMPRO, however, keeping your lighting systems in good condition is easier.

The most effective method of maintaining optimum light levels at the lowest operating cost is through AMPRO's Planned Lighting (PLM) program. Trust our commercial lighting services in Tampa, Florida to ensure smooth operations and happy, satisfied customers.


Why lighting maintenance?

For some business owners, lighting maintenance is at the bottom of their priority list. This often overlooked "chore," however, is your one-way ticket to reducing utility bills, especially if lighting accounts for at least 20% of your energy consumption.

The lack of detailed lightning maintenance may result in costly consequences. If basic repairs such as lamp and ballast replacement are not addressed on a routine basis, other components will fail prematurely. It may also lead to reduced productivity and visual degradation.

Maintenance is the best way to improve the system while reducing overall costs. By scheduling lighting maintenance on a regular basis, you ensure that your lighting system is operating at peak efficiency.


Trust Our Services

AMPRO offers a range of services focused on lighting and electrical maintenance, designed to provide solutions tailored to your requirements. Our maintenance services for commercial lighting in Florida utilize the latest energy efficient technologies.

When you rely on our services, we guarantee the following:

  • Scheduled Inspections
  • Custom Service Agreements
  • Night Survey Programs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Dedicated Service Coordinators

If you would like to save more money, our specialists can also offer low energy lighting solutions with the latest LED technology. We take care of all maintenance responsibilites.

Never worry about your lighting maintenance again. With AMPRO, expect reduced outages, budget-friendly utility bills, and happy tenants and customers. Get in touch with our team today; we look forwad to working with you soon.