AMPRO upgrades lighting at Cypress Point Shopping Center

September 1, 2015

AMPRO upgrades lighting at Cypress Point Shopping Center | 43901 frontage01

AMPRO announces the completion of an LED lighting conversion project at Cypress Point Shopping Center, a RAMCO owned property in Clearwater, Florida.  The efficient and renewable energy installation included upgrading all of the exterior parking lot fixtures, under canopy fixtures and wall pack fixtures to LED fixtures.  This is the first of RAMCO's properties to make this transition in Florida. 

Nearly 200 fixtures were installed throughout the property, increasing light levels and lowering energy usage.  AMPRO also upgraded all of the existing steel light poles on the property to concrete lighting poles.   

"AMPRO is excited to enhance Cypress Point Shopping Center so locals and visitors in the area can experience first-hand new lighting innovations they may have heard or read about," said Leo Murray, president of AMPRO.  "We want to raise the bar for what property managers expect from their specialty lighting company and inspire people to consider adopting energy innovations at home, at work and on-the-go."  Through the completion of the LED fixture installation, AMPRO is proud to be a part of the energy innovation conversation and serve as a model for others to follow. 

About AMPRO 
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